Chester Bennington’s Ex-Wife Lashes Out At ‘Disgusting Delusional Display’ After Funeral Organizers Dissed Her Son!

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Samantha Bennington is upset, and “shes not” piercing her tongue anymore.

The ex-wife of the late Chester Bennington says that she was “disgusted” by the fact she and their 15 -year-old son Draven were mostly cut out of the Linkin Park

In a interminable Facebook post, Samantha announces out specific events such as the fact they weren’t allowed to speak, and that there was only one photo of Draven anywhere, and that no one is of their own families was mentioned anywhere in the programmes( which she says looked like “a cheap happy hour menu.”

She also says she and her patrons were purposely are not reflected in an “after bowling celebration” following the service.

According to Samantha, organizers had no interest in honoring all of Chester’s life, merely the “1 2 years” they were an integrated part of. And she has some stern texts for the unnamed the people responsible:

“I hope you like capitalizing on his death .. karma is real. I send you back all your vigor to you a thousand season folds! Examination in the reflect, I hope you like what you find. Business is business but I view Zero Love..”


Though she never says exactly which takes responsibility, she does mention that Draven was “never treated equally by T, ” probably Chester’s wife Talenda.

You can read the part enraged rant( below ):

“I have been a lady, I have restrained my cavity shut. I impound my head up high-pitched but as my head starts to lower I’m not in my own truth.

Today I express& I’m not looking for conflict but I will not sit on my hands any longer.

Today Dra is remaining residence with me. Yesterday was too soon. We have numerous recalls& excitements on how everything& everything by all of his “wrecking crew” concerned is administering this.

We want to speak with the suicide groundwork. We want to help others.

My son& I have not had an opportunity to speak not even at his funeral( that merely represented their own lives that he was married to his new partner) no photos but one of him anywhere, it was more like checking into KROQ’s Weinie Roast Festival. Dra was never equal treatment by T& never wanted to go there because of that. Now because he doesn’t want to go into the home where his father’s suicide has just taken place, the rumors of me impeding my son from his siblings couldn’t be further from the truth! How was that dinner we all met at ??? Oh thanks for not status the one wish my son had by sharing his devotion with his siblings& propelling the rose quarts into the ocean with him. Thank you for not “re giving me” or my 31 patrons any knowledge of we’re the “after bowling celebration was” oh& your phone calls hours later thinking were we were lmfao still never mentioned where to get-up-and-go, list of region or address, it was a outraging delusional display on all people who spoke at the funeral& their personas. Never mentioning a humankind who grew up from a little son and loved many things, becoming a cliff whiz was only one thing! We’re were photographs of him ,? why did the program look like a inexpensive happy hour menu ?! I’m so disgusted on so many levels! Their were many friends& home that should have been there but when you swerve a funeral into reducing someone’s life into only 12 years that’s what you get!

His mothers both were not there( necessitating his dad-both parents) father was there for explanation,& his parents were not mentioned in the program, his siblings were no longer mentioned, the mothers of his children were not mentioned, even his child or children were no longer listed on the program! There “shouldve been” photos of all of us together with our boys& separate. I’m so glad I have all the paper work to back up every judgement etc. extremely the judgements that chester did protecting Dra so that our son croaked there when his dad was home only! Yes, in the end we are completely grateful to that judge.

My ex was just telling me& shared a good deal with Dra& I. I won’t lie to my son for you or anyone. His daddy told us both to our appearance everything when we were out to dinner, at our brand-new residence, etc. I’m sure he may of told us all what we would want to hear to get us all off his back. It doesn’t stuff if I’m ex partner or new wife or ex lover. He choose to be with all of us, have children,& this isn’t a blaming activity. He is ultimately responsible.
You all forget the relinquish my husband& I started financially& stopping races positions in place where reference is we were young and participate appoint LP even happen. Dishonor on you !! The reality on every level will come out.

We haven’t had the opportunity to reputation his daddy properly for their own lives epoch,& the absence of respect& franknes is just disgusting! We do not have a place to travel or even any of his ashes !!!

You demand my son to have some of his events, then give him something you feel is meaningful, do not force him to go into that live he is 15 and even from a year from now I don’t contemplate thoughts will change. All our physicians, friends,& clas are substantiating my son& his select, this is Draven my son not yours. He would rather not have a casing from his papa then have you army him to go into that home. Thank you for rendering the crystal draven applied him on his birthday this April from Buddha Matrea.

Yes, Bali, Healing’s, meditation, therapist, yoga& fitness teachers !! We are filling up ourselves with healthiest roads probable. We necessity all of this especially now.

We know why your the lane you are& say the things you say. Your anxious the truth will come out. I’m not speaking to just one person.

I hope you like capitalizing on his death .. karma is real. I send you back all your vitality to you a thousand season folds! Looking in the mirror, I hope you like what you witness. Business is business but I realise Zero Love..

Therapy even on weekends ,,, whatever it takes.

The frustration is truly on so many levels!

We know who are friends& household are so if your affronted ., good then you read this& it applies! “

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