NARAL throws in its two cents on Charlottesville, compares white supremacists and pro-lifers

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As with so many advances that originate on the left, the duel over Confederate headstones has reached the site where, to paraphrase President George W. Bush, you’re either with the left( and their media cheerleaders ), or you’re against them. For instance, you either “evolve” as quickly as President Obama did on the issue of homosexual wedding and bake the bridal patty for the same-sex duet, or your family business is destroyed to punish you for your homophobia. And now that a cowardly but deadly terrorist act in Charlottesville has propagandized a small minority of white supremacists to the front of the bulletin cycle for the indeterminate future, you’d better do something today to prove you’re not a Nazi check out how the City of Baltimore made its Confederate statues fade literally overnight.

It’s a great time for leftist radicals to capitalize on the issue( check out the link between the communist party and the toppling of that Confederate statue in Durham, N.C .), and NARAL isn’t shy about going in on the purposes of the act, likening pro-lifers to white supremacists, because why not.

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