Social network favored by white supremacists gets a user boost from Fox News

Fox News host Tucker Carlson wants you to jump on the hot new social network Gab, a site favored by white supremacists. Meanwhile, Gab’s founder wants all you liberal trolls who simply learned about the site to know that he’s onto you.

During his popular prime time show on Tuesday night, Carlson lamented Silicon Valley giants ostracizing Gab for letting rampant abhor speech from its users and exhorted his audience to join the social network.

Gab promotes itself as an “ad-free social network for inventors who believe in free speech, individual autonomy, and the free flow of information online.” In practise, this means minimal moderation of user content, which has drawn in a user base that often touts far-right talking phases, including white nationalist, white supremacist, and other “alt-right” views.

For example, one of the more popular Gab posts on Wednesday morning came from Andrew Anglin, founder of notorious neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer, who called on fellow users to help him create a system to “track” Jews.

Screenshot via Gab

Google booted Gab’s app from the Google Play store last month “because it transgresses the abhor speech policy” of the app store. Apple has furthermore repudiated the app on similar grounds.

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The tech giants’ rejection of Gab furthers the narrative that Silicon Valley companies are hostile to conservative views (or, in this case, hate speech), bolstered by Google recently firing an employee for which prompted Carlson’s segment with Gab founder Andrew Torba.

Torba, a proud supporter of President Donald Trump, has a contentious history with Silicon Valley’s elite that goes beyond app store policies. Late last year, powerful startup accelerator Y Combinator kicked Torba out of its alumni network for harassing other alumni.

As BuzzFeed News reports, Torba took a screenshot of a Latino startup founder’s Facebook post lamenting Trump’s election win. “Tomorrow, being a Hispanic, Black, Muslim or woman in the USA is going to be very scary,” Aniza Mirza, co-founder of Giveffect, wrote. In his screenshot, Torba wrote, “Build the wall.”

After other members of the Y Combinator community chastised Torba’s comment, he responded by telling everyone to “fuck off” and praised himself for helping “meme a president into office”:

All of you: fuck off. Take your morally superior, elitist, virtue signaling bullshit and shove it.

I call it like I see it, and I helped meme a President into office, cucks.

Carlson’s segment appears to have helped draw more users to Gab, which lately crowdfunded$ 1 million to spite the “Silicon Valley elitist trash.”

A number of new Gab users say they were drawn to the site after hearing about it from Carlson.

Screenshot via Gab

Screenshot via Gab

Torba, however, predicts an influx of an entirely different type of new user: liberal trolls. In a Periscope video, Torba calls out any person who is post illegal content, such as ISIS videos or child pornography, in an attempt to paint Gab in a more negative light.

In other words: Don’t even think about trying to ruin this safe space for bigots.

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