This New Mom Was Just Paid Thousands Of Dollars, But The Reason Why Is Ridiculous

No expecting momma should have to worry about choosing between her position and her own baby, but regrettably, that’s developments in the situation one wife noted herself in last year.

When Ashley Ruiz-Lopez, a receptionist at the Omni Baking Company of Bellmawr and Vineland in New Jersey, tell the company know that she’d be going on maternity leave in January 2016, she visualized everything was fine. She’d given notice about when she’d be leaving and the year of her restore, and stopped off a claim for temporary disability benefits at the bakery. She even included a tone from medical doctors, which registered her due date as February 27 and her revert appointment in April. Still, she was unceremoniously opened fire on the end of March.

Ruiz-Lopez made birth via cesarean delivery in February. She let the business know shortly after and discontinued off a more specific doctor’s mention about her yield time, which was supposed to be April 17.

After not examining from the company, she tried contacting its human resources overseer in person and on the phone multiple times, all to no avail. Then she was fired from the bakery on March 29. That’s when she entered a complaint with the Division of Civil Rights.

Omni claimed she hadn’t officially solicited leave for the purposes of the New Jersey Family Medical Leave Act, but the Division of Civil Rights is of the view that she didn’t have to fill in a particular chassis or even mention the act. All she needed to do was “provide sufficient information to alert it that the worker plans to take time off for a purpose covered by the law, ” which she did.

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