Georgina Chapman Will NEVER Take Back Harvey Weinstein As The Fashion Mogul Scrambles To Save Her Tainted Business!

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Georgina Chapman is abiding on the down low-grade … for now.

The fashion designer has strayed away from the spotlight since announcing her plans to leave Harvey Weinstein amid his sexual misconduct fallout — and she isn’t intend on resurfacing anytime soon.

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A source revealed that the 41 -year-old schemes on “staying low-key” while her estranged husband’s scandal steams over, interpreting to People 😛 TAGEND

“She is focused on her children and her business. She doesn’t have any plans for public appearances.”

Probably a good hypothesi — though we have a feeling Marchesa‘s business isn’t exactly booming at the moment.

While the spouses have still been in contact to discuss their two children, the insider have also pointed out that a reconciliation between the two is less likely than a Weinstein-produced drawing prevailing an Oscar this year.

The source supplemented:

“She will never make him back … She is still scandalized about all the women being put forward. She feels appalling. She is outraged with Harvey and very angry.”

We don’t blame her!

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But generated Harvey’s, er … persistence — we’re sure he won’t be giving up on their relationship so easily. Before entering copulation addiction “rehab” last month, the movie mogul remained hopeful their marriage could eventually be salvaged.

Despite Marchesa’s fabric getting caught in Weinstein’s fall from grace, Georgina hopes that it’s not curtains for her business just yet. The root resumed 😛 TAGEND

“She hopes her business can be saved.”

That’s a tall order, G. Specially without all that free welcome mat promotion!

Do U feel Georgina’s label can be saved?

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