OneLogin acquires Sphere Secure Workspace to gain mobile management foothold

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OneLogin, a company that offer identity management in the cloud, has become instead acquisitive over the past year buying CafeSoft last December and Portadi in June. Today it announced it was acquiring Sphere Secure Workspaceto add mobile device management to their identity-driven security model.

We are getting the hang of acquiring companies and propelling our roadmap very rapidly, OneLogin CEO and co-founder Thomas Pedersen told TechCrunch.

If the Portadi purchase was about securing the desktop, this one takes aim at mobile devices, Pedersen explained. Sphere provides a container approach to mobile security where your work content is separated from your personal content inside a virtual container on a single device. This is not a new approach by any means, but it dedicates OneLogin entree into the light-weight mobile device management space.

In a BYOD world, employees are no longer issued company cell phones and instead bringing their own. This has created a challenge for some IT departments when it is necessary to procuring work content. If federal employees loses a device with company run product stored on it, the only real route to protect it is through a remote wipe, which erases images and other personal content along with the run stuff scarcely an ideal scenario.

With Sphere, the company simply blows away the container when an employee leaves a company or loses a device, and the persons other content remains intact. It dedicates the employee access to work content in a most secure way with a single log-in, while protecting thepersonalcontent.

Today, OneLogin customers have to log into a web portal to gain access to applications under the OneLogin single-sign-on umbrella. The acquisition will enable employees to download a virtual container with all of the applications from the web portal while remainingsigned onto all of those apps with OneLogin.

OneLogin is careful to distinguish this approach from traditional MDM vendors like MobileIron and VMware AirWatch, which are designed for more comprehensive device management. The company watches itslighter weight approach as a compromise that gives companies some control without a lot of overhead.

Its worth noting that OneLogInscloud identity management competitor, Okta, took a similar approach to securing mobile devices in 2014.OneLogin hopes to leveragethe Sphere technology to delivers a mobile productformanaging identitydue out early next year.

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