How Trump’s Campaign Could Be The Start To Healing Racial Tension In America

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Let me be the first to say I have been nothing short of exhaustively entertained, mesmerized and astonished by this show that has been the Trump campaign. One thing I wasnt, however, was astonished. By any of it.

Many normal, righteous minded Americans were. I entail, how could this nation permit such a misogynistic, racist, xenophobic guy to rise to the forefront of our mainstream politics?

You mean there are people who actually not only endorse this guy, but also rally full-time behind him?

It struck many by surprise to know we share this country with such a large swath of lewd , nonsensical, delusional people.

Im not saying all Trump supporters are all of those things, but who you endorse is somewhat of a reflection of you, if nothing else, your values.

Millennials for Trump[ INSIGHTS]

But maybe these people dont embody any of these characteristics. Perhaps its something deeper that America needs to look at.

If/ whenTrump loses such elections and fades-out off into the abyss, what happens to the people who so loyally stood behind him? Will they do the same?

No. Utterly not. And they shouldnt. Trump and his following, while clearly not a political motion we can take seriously, do represent a lot of deep-rooted issues in this country we can ill afford to sweep back under the carpet.

Thats what weve done for years, and that is what has allowed a Donald Trump to be legitimate candidate for the leader of the free world.

America is divided because for so long, weve kept up a societal veil presuming most of our citizens have rational and righteous develops of gues. As each day pass, were learning more and more that thats not the case.

There are reasons for the anxiety and discontent that allow for some of the ugliness weve find on the Trump side of things.

It runs deeper than merely the racial, culture and ethnic division that plays out on the surface particularly in the media and on social media.

Thanks to Trump, America-at-large is beginning to notice people of all walkings of life are feeling marginalized, but the problem is it manifests in the form of hatred, bigotry, xenophobia and the like, thus why its so tempting to write them off.

Trumps emergence, along with many other recent events, has brought Americas underbelly to the forefront by dedicating it a voice.

This could prove to be a great thing, as long as we keep the dialogue in motion. A plenty has took place over the past few years that has America divided in more ways thanjust along political lines.

The Trump campaign has maybe amplified, if not magnified it. Its important we keep these kinds of dialogues operating and not only accept Trumps loss as a sign that all is well.

The conditions in America were ripe for a Trump to emerge. Another one will probably emerge if we let things bide the same.

So, when the Donald vanishes back into the hole he came out of and starts that failure of a television network he has in the works, let us not get comfortable.

Lets continue to discuss the uncomfortable things about America that we like to sweep under the rug.

While a lot of Trump advocates may share some deplorable positions, let us not just write them off as the basket of deplorables Hillary Clinton once referred to them as.

Instead, let us ensure them as the American citizens they are, who represent the uncomfortable issues weve always liked to ignore.

Lets actually take time to address some of the issues behind the outrage on the outside.

The race and poverty issues that drive some of the craziness in the Trump Community needs to be addressed now that they are at the vanguard of American politics. They wont go away when Trump does.

Now is the time to address the long broken discourse that Trump has exposed.

This Trump nightmare doesnt have to end in vain. Lets actually build America great by using the discourse he helped bring to the forefront.

But lets just leave him out of it.

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