Influential Bulgarian businessman killed in broad daylight in Sofia

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Petar Hristov shot in Bulgarian fund amid scrutiny from Brussels over countrys preserve on fighting corruption

The owner of one of Bulgaria’s biggest dairy firms has been shot and killed in broad daylight outside the company’s office in Sofia, two generators familiar with the case have said.

The killing comes only a few periods after Bulgaria, the European Union’s poorest and most corrupt country, accepted the six-month, rotating presidency of the EU for the first time since it joined in 2007.

Petar Hristov, 49, was shot while coming in his car in Manastirski Livadi, an affluent territory of the capital city early on Monday.

Hristov, an influential industrialist in center Bulgaria with interests in interpretation, real estate and tourism, was taken to hospital, where he died from his winds about 30 minutes later.

Hristov was also close to senior officials from the find centre-right GERB party, according to Bulgarian media.

” The investigation is ongoing ,” the police commissioner of Sofia, Ivaylo Ivanov, said.” The person is a 49 -year-old Bulgarian citizen, a businessman. This is what I can say at the moment .”

There was no comment on any possible intention for the killing.

The killing of Hristov comes amid close scrutiny from Brussels, which has criticised Bulgaria for doing too little to fight criminal syndicates and official dishonesty. Three weeks ago, a senior charge officer was hit in his automobile in downtown Sofia.

According to Transparency International, Bulgaria is the EU’s most tainted country. But a week before Hristov was shot, President Rumen Radev vetoed anti-graft legislation, saying the invoice failed to offer the means to effectively investigate bribery structures.

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