Spencer Pratt Is Calling Himself A Skin Care Guru Now

In case you needed a breach from hearing about things like the USs casual entrance into WWIII or airlines banning passengers from wearing leggings or simply existing, then heres some news that might lift your spirits: Speidi is having a newborn. K, you can start drinking now.

And while the thought of their offspring is the stuff of nightmares, I do have some very real questions for the Pratts. Like how been actively engaged will Spencers crystals be in the delivery process? Can person with that much silicone in their body safely breastfeed another human? And how exactly are they going to financially support this newborn?

Last we heard the reality duo was whoring themselves out starring in any low-rent reality Tv show that would have them. But, I mean, clearly that cant be their only source of income? Ive watched WEtv and I know their production budget is somewhere around paying their superstars in inexpensive vodka and ordering an off-brand Uber to pick them up from their latest bar fight.

But lucky for Heidi, her man is an entrepreneur! Apparently, in the years since Spence has become somewhat of a Snapchat fixture, sharing his opinions on pop culture and his passion for skincare. No, genuinely. The man use Snapchat once and now considers himself a scalp care guru. Lol, k. Like Im going to trust the guy that said my hustle is just too crazy to handle the delicate system that is my scalp care regime? Yeah, thats a hard pass.

This all stemmed from him documenting his battle with skin rashes( excuse me while I casually vomit ). Through social media( I really wasnt kidding about that) he crowdsourced product the proposals and reached out to esteemed medical professionals his Twitter adherents for advice. Eventually, after he probably consulted with IDK a real dermatologist, he found out he was suffering from eczema. Tragic.

His newest business venture will focus on his fights with his scalp as he has just confirmed his new status as a skincare guru. Which is kind of a high title to award yourself when you have literally zero credentials to back that up. In an interview with Spencer was of the view that hes going to do a skincare-focused podcast with celebrity dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu. Hmm you know what else voices equally legit?

Like, is this how he plans to make a living for his wife and child? By draining the rest of his inheritance devoting false medical advice to strangers and selling crystals online ?? And who would even consult Spencer Pratt on their skin issues? I mean, this is the guy who blamed the demon for his breakouts. Seriously, this is a direct quote: “The devil just knew how much I loved to have perfect skin and is just attacking me.”

God, I miss that eye roll. Also, how long do we think until they start leaking photos of their baby to the press? Probably when its crowning, right? I guess merely timeand Spencer’s Snapchat storywill tell.

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