Loving her body hasn’t only been good for her spirit, it’s key to her career.

Naomi Shimada is an arousing fashion model, but she’s also a worthy role model.

Naomi was born in Tokyo, but she moved to the south of Spain when she was 11.( Her daddy was a visionary vintage-clothing entrepreneur. No big deal .)

Then, at age 13, she was scouted by a modeling agency. Things started out well for the tall and lanky daughter, and she moved to London.

But her body promptly started changing which, for a teen, it’s supposed to! As she put on weight and curves, she was told to get skinny again. When she spent hour with friends, Naomi detected herself merely is speaking to her weight and food .

She left modeling and focused on school and music for a while, but when she got back into it, the pressure to be thinner was there all over again. She gave dieting a try, and it really wasn’t for her.

“I never wanted to be that daughter, ” she says in the video interview below with StyleLikeU. “I was squelching my soul.”

“I never wanted to be that girl.”

But in the world of so-called “plus-size” modeling, she gets to be exactly who she is.

Dieting was depressing.( No surprise there .) Luckily, she never has to go back there. “I would never want to be smaller again, ” she says.

Naomi’s all the wiser for her battle.

Here are some of her thinks, which are words for anyone to live by.

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